Forensic Neuropsychology


At Marin Neuropsychology center, we provide important information to legal cases where the dimensions of dementia, brain damage and intellectual function are at issue. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff rely upon state of the art standardized assessment that measure various cognitive abilities. Attorneys over the years have relay upon us to interpret results, to integrate this results with interviews, presented case history, records, and other sources of information. In cases involving head injury, for example, neuropsychology assessment may determine the true extent of a person's impairment.

Our staff ensures that history supports conclusions made by neuropsychological exam, and that test protocols have been appropriately follow. Our aim is to contribute objective and scientifically-founded clinical evidence in a judicial proceeding where brain and behavior issues exist. At Marin Neuropsychology Center, our staff is expected to:

  • Offer opinions backed by reliable and valid scientific findings.

  • Account for possible or potential conflicting and incongruent bases of conclusions.

  • Integrate cross discipline findings and explain, based on scientific foundation, consistencies and discrepancies.

  • Rely on standardized and actuarial assessment practices to drive functional and practical conclusions.

  • Sort out complex data from which clinical inferences are derived into manageable, understandable categories.

  • Use assessment procedures that are ecologically relevant, that support diagnoses and reveal practical, relevant functional weakness or losses.

  • Use avilable empirical studies of ecological implications of assessment to describe brain-behavior relationships in terms of practical and reliable consequences.

Areas of Focus:

We have experience and expertice in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury

  • Independent Medical Examinations

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Disability Determination

  • Capacity to make Legal, Medical, or Financial Decisions

We offer:

  • Relevant and comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations that can help with legal cases

  • Regular, timely communication attorneys want from an expert

  • Up-to-date and well-researched test instruments that are directly applicable to legal standards

  • Jargon-free reports that make sense and are easy-to-understand for juries

  • Experts that stand firm on the neuropsychological opinions and are credible and convincing in the courtroom

  • Help with trial strategy

I you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a case with one of our clinicans, please feel free to contact us at 415-457-3451.